Wizardshock is a castle full of magic, adventures, witches and wizards.

An evil wizard is attacking wizards, witches, and non magic people! The world is falling apart and people are DYING! Someone needs to be a hero! But who?

Leopold The Old


A beacon of light and wisdom to the younger wizard generation in a time of such instability. Unfortunately he cannot cook. (Does not even know how to make himself a sandwich).

Dark Lord Merciless


Wants to be recognized as the undisputed lord and master of dark magic, but there is no such thing as dark magic. Only magic. His favorite color is peach, he has a rare phobia of pasta, and his mom still refers to him by his real name: "Ian".

Recresha and her Wolf


Recresha is very smart and is always helped by her very loyal wolf 🐺.

Norris Pickle


Bad at magic. Loves pickles, hates to be tickled. Sometimes thinks a pickle is a wand. He always wants his pet owl to protect him from scary monsters, wolves, and bears.

Leopold the Gold


The ill-fated twin brother of Leopold the Old. After watching an alchemy course on Wizard Tube, Leopold the Gold saved the kingdom of Wolfsbane from ruin by transforming all the coal into solid gold. However, with all this gold now in circulation the market value has plummeted and the people of Wolfsbane had to resort to burning their celebrated library for fuel.

Randall Mawr


The only son of King Iwan. Randall forfeited his right to succeed his father as leader of the northern tribes choosing a life of adventure instead. A favorable outcome for his tribe as they believe him a simpleton. He travelled to Wizardshock to help raise the siege of the castle but became lost in the mountain porridge of Avena.

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